Larus sp.
Probably seventh/eight calendar-year
29 December 2006 and 7 January 2007
Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway

The Trondheim Mystery Gull is still in middle Norway. Many characteritics are a bit strange for a Scandinavian Herring Gull Larus argentatus argentatus, and might seem to fit a Caspian Gull Larus cachinnans better; dark eye, red orbital ring, p5 with a solid black subterminal band, and p4 with a black spot on the outer web. The pale tounges on the outer primaries does probably fit a near-adult or adult Caspian Gull as well? It does only show a white mirror on p10 (last winter it showed a small mirror on p9 as well; pictures), and it still has black markings on the primary coverts. The bill is less saturated yellow on the tip and the inner half of the lower mandible. The red gonydeal spot bleeds just a little bit into the upper mandible, and the black part is still very pronounced. The legs are fleshy pinkish, but are more washed out compared to Herring Gulls, and they have a faint hint of peach. The head markings are also good for Caspian Gulls at this age, but probably not impossible for Herring gulls. In addition it is noteworthy that it is still being harassed by other Herring Gulls. The birds distinctive jizz is pronounced by its proportionally small head, and it is easily picked out among Herring gulls.

Is it possibe for a pure Scandinavian Herring Gull to look like this?

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Posted 09.01.2007

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