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The Norwegian Gull-page will no longer be updated with new images. All the archives and other content will still be available, og no pages or links will be closed. From now on the effort on the web will be concentrated on the brand new globalgull.com, Gulls of the World.

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Winter 2012/13
The returning Ring-billed Gull that has spend every winter in Bergen, western Norway since 1994/95, did not appear this year. We hope for its well being, but it might just as well be dead. Se a few pictures from its years in Bergen at here.

25 April 2011
The first Mediterranean Gull in Norway in 2011 visited Trondheim during the easter week-end. Have a look at three photos of the adult bird here.

15 December 2010
Three days ago the returning Ring-billed Gull once again appeared in Bergen, western Norway. This is the 18th. consecutive winter it is staying here. A rather dark-headed adult Scandinavian Herring Gull is sitting behind the Ring-billed Gull on the picture. View another image here.

8 June 2010
Follow a Mew Gull couple breeding ion the roof of the Norwegian Gull-page office through the lens of a webcamera. You can stream live video, comment single pictures and enjoy the gulls family life the comin days. We do not really know when the three eggs will hatch, but probably within the next seven days. Go to the webcamera

14 December 2008
The 16th Ring-billed Gull in the city of Bergen (western Norway) was found 13 December. The returning adult was seen the day before, so two RBGs were in Bergen this week-end. Some shots of the first-winter bird here.

28 August 2008
A possible juvenile hybrid Mediterranean x Mew Gull was photographed in Rogaland county, western Norway yesterday. Three pictures here.

4 December 2007
The first Kumlien's Gull for Hordaland county in western Norway was observed yesterday afternoon. It is a third winter bird, and it was resting on the ice in the middle of Bergen city. There are less than 15 previous Norwegian records. Have a look at four record shots here. The returning Ring-billed Gull in Bergen did not show up last winter, but today it was rediscovered at the same spot as the Kumlien's Gull was yesterday! If we include last winter, this is the 15th. consecutive year for the bird! A picture of the sleepy old timer can be seen here.

23 February 2007
The first Caspian Gull for Hordaland county in western Norway was observed for a short period yesterday afternoon. It is about the 15th record in Norway, and the northernmost ever. Some pictures of this presumed 5th cy bird here.

29 January 2007
Three different Iceland Gulls are uploaded today. A second winter bird from March here, and two adult winter birds here and here.

11 January 2007
Two presumed hybrid Glaucous x Herring Gulls showed well at Lista in southwestern Norway some days ago. Have a look at three pictures of the first-winter bird here, and four pictures of the adult bird here. We have also recieved an improved picture of the well known Ross's Gull from Denmark in 1995. It is uploaded here.

Presumed hybrid Glaucous x Herring Gull © Morten Helberg

9 January 2007
New pictures of the Trondheim mystery Gull (proposed California Gull, possible Scandinavian Herring Gull or Caspian Gull, or maybe a hybrid) are uploaded today. There are not many new characteristics on the birds plumage or bare parts compared with last winter, but despite being in its 8th. calendar year it shows signs of immaturity. Have a look at three new shots here. Please comment on its apperance. A second-winter Iceland Gull from december is also new today, and three pictures can be viewed here.

21 November 2006
We've uploaded some juvenile and first-winter Scandinavian Herring Gulls to show some of the variation we experience here in western Norway at this time of year. All pictures are from 20 November 2006:

  • Dark-bellied first-winter
  • Bright-headed juvenile
  • Slightly marbled GC's on this juvenile
  • Classical first-winter argentatus (normally defined scaps)
  • Classical first-winter argentatus (faint defined scaps)
  • Classical first-winter argentatus (well defined scaps)

  • 27 October 2006
    Two flightshots of a rather dark-tailed first-winter Scandinavian Herring Gull from today can be viewed here, while a second-winter Scandinavian Herring Gull from September is uploaded here.

    29 September 2006
    More than ten Mediterranean Gulls have been seen in Norway since July. The latest bird was a first-winter in southeastern Norway. A picture of it can be seen here. During last November there was a juvenile Sabine's Gull in the same area, and you can see three flightshots of it here. A juvenile Lesser Black-backed Gull from a breeding-colony in western Norway this summer can be seen here.

    13 September 2006
    Today we recieved four pictures of an intriguing Lesser Black-backed Gull from Finnmark county (Arctic Norway) this summer. The feather appearance may fit a first-summer Heuglin's Gull, while the primary moult progression seems to be in favour of Baltic gull. Have a look at the pictures here. Is this a first-summer Baltic Gull, or could it be the first Heuglin's Gull for Norway? Comments are welcome!

    16 May - 29 August 2006
    On 16 May a first summer Ring-billed Gull was found in the city park of Bergen, western Norway. This was the 15th. individual for Bergen, as well as for Hordaland county. It is still present, and is in active moult into second winter plumage. Have a look at the pictures of the moult progression here.

    30 July 2006
    The fourth Mediterranean Gull in less than a week at Jaeren was found today. It was another first-summer bird in active moult. Two pictures here.

    27 July 2006
    Two second summer (3rd calendar year) intermedius Lesser Black-backed Gulls from Bergen, western Norway are added today. A bird from June here, and one from July here. A second summer Mew Gull with spots on the tail (like a Ring-billed Gull) from May is added here.

    26 July 2006
    During the last couple of days at least three different Mediterranean Gulls have showed up in Rogaland county, southwestern Norway. This is a rarity in Norway, with less than 40 records up to date. One bird was a first calendar year bird in full juvenile plumage, and you can see three pictures of it here (the same bird illustrated below). The two other birds were in first-summer plumage. Pictures can be viewed here and here.

    Juvenile Mediterranean Gull (c) Řivind Egeland

    13 March 2006
    An apparent first winter hybrid Glaucous x Herring Gull visited Bergen in western Norway yesterday. The bird could easily pass as a Glaucous Gull when only seen briefly. Three photos showing details in all feather-groups can be seen here. A slightly hooded adult winter Mew Gull is also added here.

    28 February 2006
    In connection with the identification problems of the Trondheim Mystery Gull (see update on 23 January below) we have on request uploaded five pictures of a California Gull showing some similarities to the Trondheim bird. The California Gull was photographed in Massachusetts, USA in April and May 2005. See them here.

    23 January 2006
    The unidentified Trondheim Mystery Gull has at least spent the last three winters in Trondheim, middle Norway. Today, most people have rejected the idea of it being the proposed California Gull. In addition to having the same strange jizz as earlier, some characters are still slightly puzzling for this probable 6th. winter bird: The primary coverts on both wings have extensive blacks pigments. Dark iris. P4 does show a distinct subterminal black spot on the outer web. The orbital ring is red. Four pictures are uploaded here. Any new views on this bird?

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