Larus glaucoides x thayeri (aka Kumlien's Gull)
Third winter
3 December 2007
Bergen, Hordaland, Norway

  • Size like the smaller Herring Gulls (females) nearby.
  • A rather heavy bird, with a powerful bill and angular head.
  • Dark brownish smudging on breast and sides and back of neck. Also some dark spots on the belly.
  • Fine brownish tinge on greater and median coverts (possibly also on lesser coverts).
  • Undertail covers were barred brown.
  • The tail was darker (greyish brown) than the rump.
  • The bill was washed out yellow with a tinge of blue, distinctly contrasting to a blak tip, with a bright spot at the end.
  • Greyish brown primaries with white tips.
  • The outer primaries were darker than the inner ones.
  • Both inner and outer webs of the primaries were colored.


Posted 03.12.2007

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